Fancy some of your favourite Spanish food at home? We have just the thing for you. 

Fridays & Saturdays: 5.30pm-9.00pm

Simply click the link below to take you through to our order and payment pages and select the tasty tapas plates you are craving and then pop down to the restaurant to collect your order.


  • Order 3 or 4 dishes per person for a full meal or a little less for some tasty treats to nibble on.
  • Don’t forget to order some drinks to give yourself the full experience, we stock Spanish wines and beers together with a selection of freshly made cocktails.
  • Cocktails are made by our expert team and packaged in a handy pouch ready for you to pour over ice into your favourite glass.


  • Please allow minimum of 30 minutes for the preparation of your order.
  • We have a dedicated collection point in the restaurant for you to safely collect your food and drinks. We have sanitiser outside, please use before entering the restaurant.
  • If there are people waiting to be seated please allow them to move away from the entrance before coming into the restaurant. This will help us keep everyone visiting Tres Corazones safe.


’The takeaway is soooooo good.
Really recommend for a nice treat. Especially the steak.’

‘We ordered the takeaway today.
One word: YUM. And so filling.’
Ms M

‘Fantastic food as usual !!!! (takeaway).
Very pleased household- thanks so much for tonight guys.’

‘I had one last week (Churrasco); it was amazing.’